Many people believe that we have a leadership problem. They could very well be right.

At LeaderShape®, we like to think that we actually have a connection problem. Far too many people are not connected to their hearts in ways that result in them using their abilities to make the world a better place. A just, caring, thriving world.

We have never been so connected and yet so alone. We are so desperate to be a part of something that matters. To be a part of something that allows us to be our best selves living lives that make a difference in the world, our communities, and our families. That is the purpose of this organization. To connect those people interested, perhaps longing, for a just, caring, thriving world.

With the success of the Institute (previously known as The LeaderShape® Institute), the organization started to realize that it’s philosophies, methods, and principles were universal in scope and impact. The only drawback of the Institute was that it took so much time and money to make happen as often as people wanted it to happen. Not enough people were being impacted by the six-day program. 

A change was needed.

In 2014, a decision was made to distinguish the organization LeaderShape® from its programs. The programs developed by the organization are vehicles in which people can develop their own abilities and understanding of what it takes to create a just, caring, thriving world. LeaderShape® could no longer be synonymous with the six-day program that started it all. So off we went. We developed new programs and started to reimagine LeaderShape® as a community. A community of people working toward the world that so many had experienced at the Institute. 

We want to live in possibility and then by doing so lead others to do the same. In other words…to lead, live.

So now LeaderShape® enters a new chapter as a community. A community open to anyone that wants to connect with people wanting to get better, wanting to work on behalf of those that can’t, and wanting to thrive. You do not need to participate in one of our programs to do that. You just have to believe in that vision.

One day, we will make that happen.

Please join us.