LeaderShape® is a community of individuals working to create a world that does not exist right now except in moments. 

The world we want to experience is where everyone leads with integrity and embraces living in possibility. Where anything is possible. Where everyone sees their own gifts and finds ways to use them for the greater good. We want to see our best selves. 

A few men in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity started LeaderShape® in the early 1980’s. Through many conversations in the basement of their headquarters, a vision was created to develop a week long immersion experience to help the men of that fraternity become better leaders. In the process of doing so, they realized that leadership is not just for Greek men, but also for everyone. With the development of the LeaderShape® Institute in 1986 and subsequent invitations to non-Greek participants, the decision was made to start a unique not-for-profit called LeaderShape® so that the program would not be seen as only for Greek students. They succeeded.

Ever since that period of time, LeaderShape® has grown through the recommendations of those that have participated in our programs. They shared their experience and invited others to participate as well. 

We are “about” bringing our vision to reality. We invite you to join us.