A one-day program designed to start something extraordinary.

Here's a smattering of the questions folks frequently ask us about our one-day Catalyst program. If your questions aren't answered here, please contact us at or 800.988.LEAD (5323). We'd really love to hear from you.

How many participants can the Catalyst program accommodate?
The ideal number is 60 participants; however, as few as 25 or as many as 180 have participated in the program at one time. If the number of participants is significantly over 60 the fee will be adjusted to cover additional materials. If the number is greater than 90, we suggest running two sessions concurrently.

What is included in the fee paid to LeaderShape®?
The $5,500 campus-based fee covers facilitator travel costs, program workbooks and a personal assessment instrument for up to 60 participants, and materials for all activities.

In addition to space (see the following question), we rely on you to bring a flipchart tablet and easel, flipchart markers (1/participant), and nametags (in plastic badge holders) for each participant.

What do I need to know about selecting a space for Catalyst?
Catalyst has been hosted in a variety of spaces. You'll need a room with moveable chairs that's large enough for 120% of the number of participants (to have enough space for large group and small group activities). A computer (with audio capability for video clips), projector, and screen, as well as space for a 6' or 8' table are also important. (If the room is very large, a mic might also be needed.)

Who facilitates the program?
Included in the fee for Catalyst, we send one of our highly skilled facilitators. We believe they're really great at what they do — make genuine connections to create a supportive and challenging learning environment. Catalyst facilitators all have advanced degrees and 10-15 years experience working with groups in educational settings.

What other colleges and universities have held/hosted Catalyst?
Catalyst has been held on large and small campuses, private and public, and as a part of larger events or as a stand-alone experience.