It is important to us that the energy, commitment, and momentum created at a LeaderShape® program is sustained. Most people agree that the feeling and connection they experience at LeaderShape® is something they wish could last long after because we all want to live in that world…a just, caring, thriving world.

You are a LeaderShaper and we want you to feel connected to the other 70,000 people that have experienced LeaderShape® as well. That is why the Pebble Club was created.

The Pebble Club is a giving club that supports LeaderShape® by making small annual fund contributions and “paying it forward” to help reach more people who have not yet participated. Imagine what will happen when we reach the tipping point, globally, of people leading with integrity, embracing a healthy disregard for the impossible, and creating positive change. We know that world can exist. Many of you experienced that world for one week at The LeaderShape® Institute so you know it can exist as well.

Here is how to get reconnected.

We invite you to join the Pebble Club by visiting this webpage. For your contribution of $25 or more, you will receive a Pebble Club t-shirt and be included in monthly email communications from our staff that will inspire, inform, and encourage you to continue to lead with integrity and live in possibility.

We would also love for you to send us a story about how someone has inspired you to make a difference. We know it is hard to stay in action and we all need a mentor or champion that encourages us not to give up. Those people are everywhere and we want to hear those stories. Take two minutes and send us a quick email at We will gather those stories and perhaps send them out from time to time to remind us of what is possible.

Thanks again for being a part of the LeaderShape® community! We look forward to staying in touch and thanks in advance for becoming a member of the Pebble Club. More importantly, thank you for committing to lead your life the LeaderShape® way.

You make us proud.