Six days of dialogue and self-discovery in a supportive learning community.

Sharing the impact of the Institute experience is tremendously valuable to LeaderShape®​. It gives voice and meaning to the experience of each individual who participates in this program and those impacted by it. When looking at results, we conduct both internal and external reviews of the Institute on an annual basis.

The experience of participants at the Institute is what helps create change in the world. When participants have a positive experience, they leave with the knowledge, confidence and skills to make an impact. Every participant who attends the Institute is asked whether the session was a valuable experience in developing their capacity to lead. Our historical average is "6.40" on a 7-point scale with "7" representing that they “strongly agree” with that statement.

We think it also important to put voice to these numbers. Click here to hear from the participants' perspective how the program impacted them.

As campuses and organizations that partner with LeaderShape® to provide the Institute experience, it is important for us to share a little insight into how this program has impacted their organizations and communities. Click here to read more.

Research has always been impactful for LeaderShape® and the development of our programs. The Kellogg Report is a historical document that we share to give insight into the impact of the program on participants.

LeaderShape began a long-term study of the Institute’s impact in 2013 that continues to expand as more institutions request this information.