A one-day program focused on recovering quickly from the challenges of life.

A Commitment to Partnership

We've said it before and we'll say it again. We're intentional about approaching our relationship with you as a partnership, whether we're working together to plan a program that lasts for six days or for one. When we partner with campuses and organizations, we believe working successfully together moves us all one step closer to our vision — a just, caring, thriving world where everyone leads with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.

Who should attend Resilience?

This program is designed for professionals and is ideal for groups looking to invest in the personal well being of their organization as well as their colleagues. The skills learned during Resilience will allow professionals to approach their daily work with increased focus and build more intentional relationships with co-workers, colleagues, and clients. Most importantly, doing this personal work will role model the importance of taking care of yourself and how essential that is to being an effective community member regardless of one’s occupation.


The $6,000 fee covers facilitator travel costs, program workbooks, and materials for all activities for 30 participants. Each additional participant over 30 would incur a fee of $200 per person. The only additional cost would be lunch should you choose to provide it.

What We Provide

The fee includes facilitator travel costs, one workbook per participant, and materials for all activities.

In addition to providing appropriate space and AV, we rely on you for markers, a flipchart and easel, and participant nametags. We're happy to share space and supply details. Contact us: 800.988.LEAD (5323) or


Thinking about hosting a session of Resilience?  We need 30 days notice to get everything into place and make sure you're set up for success.