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People who participate in our programs are seeking to gain leadership skills, clarify their values, and become more resilient as they work to make change in their communities and impact society to have more people working towards a just, caring, and thriving world. Our programs are delivered in-person and virtual formats to meet the needs of both college students and professionals.

The LeaderShape Institute

A Four-Day Program
Helps individuals identify the values they hold that lead to making a difference in the communities around them.


A One-Day Program
Designed for anyone interested in starting something extraordinary and building a life-long process for learning, exploration, and action.

Courageous Dialogue

A Virtual synchronous program
Provides participants with skills to learn how to engage in challenging dialogues and create spaces for courageous conversations.

Living in Possibility

A One and a half- Day Program
Helps participants develop a practice that will support their willingness to see beyond limitations as in life and leadership development.


A One-Day or Virtual Asynchronous Program
Provides opportunities to explore practices that help strengthen our stress responses and re-train our brains to increase our enjoyment for life.


A Virtual synchronous Program
Guides individuals through a process to determine their values and the causes they care about.

There are as many different kinds of leaders as there are people

That's why we help you find your own way of leading.

Lead with Integrity

Live in possibility.

To Lead, Live

Lead with purpose.

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Thousands of participants and facilitators are impacted by our programs each year. See what some of them are saying about how our programs have changed the way they lead.