A Catalyst is an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Catalyst is a one-day program focused on learning to develop your own authentic path, connect to groups and causes you care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for yourself and the groups you’re part of. This program is designed to start something extraordinary. 

You’ll consider powerful questions that move you towards action:

Am I on the right path?

Who do I want to be? 

How can I connect with other like-minded individuals? 

In small-group dialogue, large group interaction, and personal reflection, you’ll learn alongside others who also want to start something extraordinary.

If you have any questions about hosting Cataylst, please reach out!

Structure & Cost

A Commitment to Partnership

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We’re intentional about approaching our relationship with you as a partnership, whether we’re working together to plan a program that lasts for six days or for one. When we partner with campuses and organizations, we believe working successfully together moves us all one step closer to our vision — a just, caring, thriving world where everyone leads with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible.


The all-inclusive fee for a campus-based session of Catalyst™ is $5,500 for up to 60 participants, which includes facilitator travel expenses.

What We Provide

The fee includes facilitator travel costs, one workbook and one personal assessment instrument per participant (for up to 60 participants), and materials for all activities.

In addition to providing appropriate space and AV, we rely on you for markers, a flipchart and easel, and participant nametags. 


Thinking about hosting a session of Catalyst™? We need 30 days notice to get everything into place and make sure you’re set up for success.


With this format of Catalyst, we train people on your campus to facilitate this program to your students. This 12-month license allows you to facilitate Catalyst to students on your campus as many times as you’d like, for a minimum of 60 participants. 

  • $2,500 for a one-year license for 1-4 facilitators from your university/organization to be trained and certified to facilitate the program
  • $4,500 for a one-year license for 5-12 facilitators from your university/organization to be trained and certified to facilitate the program
  • Once you are certified as a Catalyst facilitator, you can purchase Catalyst supplies directly from LeaderShape. The cost for supplies is $35 per person. This includes everything needed to fully execute the session of Catalyst.

What we Provide

  • A mandatory 90-minute virtual training session for each person who will be facilitating Catalyst
  • Access to a Catalyst coach prior to facilitating their first Catalyst session to help the facilitator learn more about bringing the curriculum to life
  • An evaluation and feedback session with a LeaderShape staff member after each Catalyst program has been facilitated


“Catalyst accomplishes more in one day than some leadership programs can do in a year! It makes leadership accessible for all students, regardless of their leadership ‘role’ on campus. It is a great way to unite your student population and engage them in intentional activities and conversations about bettering themselves and their university communities. I highly recommend this program!”

Sally Gates, Assistant Director of Student Orientation & Leadership Development
The University of Tennessee

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