Courageous Dialogue is being in community with others and engaging in meaningful conversation that is authentic, honest, and respectful.

LeaderShape’s Courageous Dialogue program provides a framework for which to engage in meaningful and impactful conversations around the issues of values alignment, racial inequality, and creating stronger communities. As people continue to manage life in multiple pandemics; react and respond to civil unrest; and work through the dynamics of a national election this fall; we feel this topic will be helpful to organizations as they prepare to engage students in what could be very challenging conversations.

This program is designed for participants to learn how to engage in these conversations and create spaces for courageous conversations within their organizations. This program will be delivered via synchronous, virtual sessions guided by two LeaderShape facilitators.

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The agenda for the professional session of Courageous Dialogue is:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • What is Courageous Dialogue? 
  • Getting to Know Each Other (small group discussion)
  • Principles of Courageous Dialogue 
  • Skills of Courageous Dialogue
  • Practicing the Principles of Courageous Dialogue (small group discussion)
  • Continuing to Engage in Productive Conflict
  • Individual Reflections
  • Final Reflection & Wrap Up


The agenda for the student session of Courageous Dialogue is:

  • Welcome and Introductions
    • Large and small group discussions
  • Comfort Continuum
  • Overview of Courageous Dialogue
    • Principles and Skills of Courageous Dialogue
  • Practicing Courageous Dialogue
    • Facilitators’ example
    • Small group time
  • Wrap-up and Next Steps


The cost for an organizational based session is $4,500 for groups up to 100. Please contact us to talk more about an organization session.


Program Objectives

  • Participants will learn a process of engaging in open, authentic, and respectful conversations with others.
  • Participants will understand how to take responsibility for the dialogue and engage in the entire process.
  • Participants will learn techniques to practice expressing their values and in turn, will be open to the possibility of those being changed because of interactions with members of their community.


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