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Send a Student to a National Session

We’re hosting a National Session of The LeaderShape Institute at the Connors Center in Dover, MA from May 14-17, 2023.

At The National Session, your students will connect with others from all over the country. This unique experience allows for diversity of thought and interactions with students who have had different lived experiences. These students will forge a strong community during these 4 days and will return to your campus with a community-oriented vision that addresses critical social and global issues.

It also offers campuses the opportunity to send a few student leaders from their campus. These might be students who hold a leadership position on your campus, or are in the process of discovering their leadership moment. You might consider sending rising sophomores and juniors who still have time to return to your campus and make an impact with what they learn at this session.

For $1,450, you can send one student from your campus to this leadership experience (travel not included) and you can send as many students as you like. LeaderShape has scholarships available on a needs basis if you’re sending more than one participant.

Leadership involves living in the state of possibility, making a commitment to a vision, developing relationships to move the vision into action, and sustaining a high level of integrity. Effective leadership takes place in the context of a community and results in a more equitable society.

The LeaderShape Institute is our flagship program. This program engages participants in a transformative experience and inspires them to create a just, caring, and thriving world. The experience is created to provide time and space for people to have conversations that matter. In these conversations and through intentional instruction and challenge, participants have time to explore their personal values in the context of community.

This program is delivered as a 4-day immersive experience. The purpose of the program is to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants and facilitators which is demonstrated on their campus, in their community, or within their organization.

Not a typical leadership retreat, the Institute is grounded in helping individuals identify the values they hold that lead to making a difference in the communities around them. Through self-assessment, intensive small group discussions, team building challenges, and more, participants will develop a vision for something they care about. 

By leading with passion, integrity, and a healthy disregard for the impossible, participants explore who they are and the impact that they want to have on communities working towards a more caring, just and equitable society.

Learning Outcomes and Cost

  • Commit to identify core personal values and act in ways that are congruent with those values
  • Through self-awareness and reflection, identify the ways social positionality informs perspective, reactions, and interactions
  • Develop relationships that honor the dignity of individuals and groups in the context of equity and social systems
  • Create a community-oriented vision that addresses critical social and global issues, embracing a healthy disregard for the impossible.


For the 2022-2023 academic year, the contract fee for hosting the Institute is $13,500 for up to 60 participants.


Sharing the impact of the Institute experience is tremendously valuable to LeaderShape®. It gives voice and meaning to the experience of each individual who participates in this program and those impacted by it. When looking at results, we conduct both internal and external reviews of the Institute on an annual basis.

The experience of participants at the Institute is what helps create change in the world. When participants have a positive experience, they leave with the knowledge, confidence and skills to make an impact. Every participant who attends the Institute is asked whether the session was a valuable experience in developing their capacity to lead. Our historical average is “6.50” on a 7-point scale with “7” representing that they “strongly agree” with that statement. 


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If you are interested in hosting a session of the Institute for your organization or sending students to the May 2023  National Session, please contact Vernon Wall. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a Co-Lead Facilitator or Cluster Facilitator for The LeaderShape Institute in 2023, please click below to provide your contract information. We will reach out when applications are available.

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