Living in Possibility

Possibility thinking is the willingness to see beyond the limitations and identify broader opportunities to embrace the possibilities that abound. Possibility thinking is steeped in hope and is unencumbered by how things are supposed to be.

Living in Possibility is LeaderShape’s newest program. It is a one and a half day in-person experience.This program is an immersive experience that helps students develop a practice that will support possibility thinking as it relates to both life and leadership development. This is done by providing the lens in which participants see the world as a place to practice possibility thinking.

Program Structure

  • This one and half day program is designed to create intentional space for relationship building and personal growth.
  • This program can be hosted on your campus. We just ask that you provide a meeting space that will comfortably accommodate your group for the time they are together.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and clarify the benefits of Living in Possibility for individuals, communities, and the world.
  • Understanding the difference between possibility thinking and a positive attitude.
  • Put into practice the process of possibility thinking in areas of daily life.


Living in Possibility can be hosted for up to 65 participants for $8,500.

To schedule a program for students, please email us by clicking below. 

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